Innovative Engineering Solutions and Performance

National Welding Corporation is a full service welding and welding management contractor. Founded in 1997 by Nash Williams, National Welding has experienced consistent growth through high production field welding for some of the largest construction and engineering projects in the country.

Today, National Welding is a leader in innovative field welding and onsite management. From record setting tunnel lining installations to innovative steel fitting operations, National has a reputation for superior quality and performance. Located in the Greater Salt Lake City area, National Welding has made a name for itself in many parts of the United States. With a core team of 30+ licensed experienced welders and certified inspectors, National Welding is scalable to augment any construction operation literally anywhere in the United States.

With over 22 years of field experience, National Welding works directly with project engineers to improve onsite production welding practices and take welding management out of the critical path. National Welding brings seasoned professionals whose sole focus is provide the best in production welding, equipment and operations.

Our History

National Welding Corporation was founded in 1997 by Nash Williams. Nash Williams served as President of National Welding Corporation until 2019 during which he also served as chairman of American Water Works Association standards for Field Welding of Steel Water Pipe (C206) and Installation of Steel Water Pipe (C604). Nash also served as chairman of the Welding Chapter, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for “Steel Penstocks” Manual and Reports on Engineering Practice No. 79. Nash currently serves as a consultant to National Welding Corporation.