Field Welding Large Diameter Steel Pipe Processes-Means _ Methods


ABSTRACT; Field welding large diameter steel water pipe, processes, procedures and design overviews. The slide show provides a photographic overview of the processes plus depicts general means and methods necessary for this work. By knowing the methods used, engineers will be better able to design projects which are more efficient and constructible.

The slide show provides general pipe alignment appearances and methods for assembly, trench preparation means for accessing these alignments. Pipelines are shown in common size ranges of 30-108 inch diameter and include SMAW (manual stick welding) compared to FCAW (Flux Core Arc Welding) systems. Sample welding procedures are explained and testing methods used to develop a welding procedure are shown. The most common joint types are shown along with the generally accepted inspection methods for those joints. Access and egress for workers in small pipe is shown graphically and provides a better understanding of this safety issue. The most common issues for concern with welding steel pipe are listed.