Pipe Reline Rehabilitation NASA High Pressure Rocket Stand Cooling System


Abstract; Pipe Rehabilitation Replacement video is a simple animation which proposes relining a NASA Rocket Stand Cooling System. This brief video (no narration) provides general concept proposed to reline an existing 66 inch diameter cooling system piping. Multiple short pipe sections will be required in order to pass through several vertical and horizontal alignment changes in the existing structure. Most of the main pipeline work will be staged to allow completing all preparatory work prior to temporarily shutting down the system. The NASA system was built in the 1960’s and subsequent structures, roadways and utilities were subsequently built above and around the piping which made replacement of the existing system prohibitive. The proposed pipe rehabilitation is a main pipe section within a complex piping system used to cool NASA rocket engines. 

The NASA Stennis Space Center is America’s premier rocket engine test complex, the NASA center where engines for all manned Apollo (including the moon missions) and space shuttle flights have been tested and where next-generation engines that will once again carry humans into deep space will be tested.  

In 2009, Stennis completed 34 years of testing space shuttle main engines used on more than 130 missions. All space shuttle main engines had to pass a series of test firings at Stennis prior to being installed on an orbiter. At Stennis, next-generation engines will be tested including those for cargo flights to the International Space Station and NASA’s new Space Launch System (SLS) which will carry humans deeper into space than ever before.